24bit RGB color Selector, for OnLine use

Change the colors of this Color Picker window

This tool will allow you to select an exact 24bit color code (out of 16,777,216 colors) with a RGB Hex code (6 Hex caracters), by exact color. the first step, right under this paragraph, you will find 32 squares, each with a different color gradients. Under these 32 blocks of gradient colors you can see a scale with a dial at the left side. sliding the dial on the scale will slightly change the colors in the 32 blocks. each "step" of the slide changes the colors in the 32 blocks even a little bit more. Using the slider, chose the gradient color block that has the color you want to pick. After you click the gradient (you may have to wait for the system to arange the different colors within that block), the slider and the 32 gradients will disappear and a new black box will show, above your range of colors. now, you can click any color in the cloor block. The black box will change to the color you clicked on, and to the right of it, you can see (and select) the rgb color codes for that color - both decimal and Hex codes. To go back to the slider, to pick another range, just refresh the browser window / tab. If this this Color Picker is on a secured location (e.g. it's URL begins with https:// or with file:), the selected (clicked on) color's Hex 24bit code is copied to your clipboard.When you change the background and/or text colors of this App, these changes are saved in your device, and should be restored the next time you visit this App.





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